3 Delhi Stores To Shop At For Quirky Home Decor

3 Delhi Stores To Shop At For Quirky Home Decor

Bright and quirky (Imade Credit – chumbak)

Our houses, our rooms are a reflection of who we are as a person. Therefore it only makes sense to add as much personality to our living spaces as we can. You are probably thinking that doing up a house to make a statement must require so much time and effort; why would anyone put the effort into it anyway? But you see when you make your living spaces attractive and fun, there is a shift in your outlook as well – you are more creative and relaxed in your space. In fact, you are happier spending time indoors, and THAT is a feat.

And as for the effort, there are some shops you can head to, buy a few things, and you are all set. These artsy stores offer a whole range of merchandise and home decor for you to choose from to add a bit of quirk and personality to your house.


No one is new to the sheer excitement that meets you at the door of this place. All of a sudden you want to buy everything – from the colored cushion covers to the door mats to the tumblers and the ceramics. It is amazing how much expansion Chumbak has seen in what they offer. They even have full fledged furniture for you to buy. Think colourful, think Chumbak.


Where Chumbak is colourful, loud and out, Nicobar is sweet, subtle and elegant. When you walk into Nicobar, you wouldn’t want to stay away from their line of clothes. But if you manage that, their range of pottery, kitchenware and line of home decor will certainly win your minimalist hearts.

The Wishing Chair

Another store where the vibrant designs will win your hearts. Their “happy, quirky home decor” are a surefire way to make sure that your room/house stands out. Their range is quite huge as well – bed, wall decor, kitchen and dining, lighting – they have it all, and all are equally attractive.

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