4 Ways To Creatively Reuse Your Glass Milk Bottles

4 Ways To Creatively Reuse Your Glass Milk Bottles

They are mostly thrown away, but no more will that be the case

Milk bottles weren’t a huge thing in India until recently when brands like Keventers started giving out milkshake in glass bottles. Not only that, there are some really beautiful milk bottles available in home decor stores, glassware shops etc. And while most Indian households still prefer to keep their milk in a utensil and/or tetra packs, milk bottles have given way to better storage option and also opens up a window for us to be creative. How you ask?

While mason jars and wine bottles have done their bit in DIY home decor, it is time that milk bottles that are mostly discarded are put to better use, or at least more use than simply becoming water bottles. Here are some ideas that you can pull off.


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Get crafty with the bottles. How about painting the milk bottle to you liking, maybe make a motif on it with some glass paint? And then you can keep the bottle as a home decor piece?

Vase, vase

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Or you can simply fill the bottle up with water and add some fresh flowers to them to keep in your room. You can also use them to keep a money plant which can spread and grow around a window.

Serving bottles

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Guests that come over this summer can be treated with some smoothie or milkshake in these reusable bottles. But of course, this is after you are done decking the bottles up in some way.

Party favours

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Picture this: a glass bottle with a message inside in, or maybe some candies, tied up with a ribbon or a jute thread to add some elegance and paired with some cool merch and voila! Party favour ready.

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