5 Lovely Crochet Pieces To Add To Your Home Decor

5 Lovely Crochet Pieces To Add To Your Home Decor

Vintage, cosy vibes for your home starts with crochet

Does your home need a dainty, delightful touch? Then you need not look any further than crochet. The beautifully knitted fabric used to be a staple in homes when it was hand woven but as it’s now available online, it’s time to bring crochet back, don’t you think? You can’t do any better than it to lend a delightful vintage touch to your home. Here are 5 crochet pieces that we’ve picked for you.

The Sellify Coasters are 3 handmade classic off white crochet coasters in a variety of intricately created designs. They are available for Rs 580. Shop here.



If it’s more colour that your coffee table needs, add in the India Meets India Crochet Coasters. The handmade pieces come in a set of 4 in bright green and yellow shades that will instantly liven up a room. They are available for Rs 524, reduced from Rs 549. Shop here.


The Virtue Crochet Placemat is a wonderful choice when you’re having guests over at tea time. The large sized mat is made of polyester cotton and will look especially good on a wooden table. It is available for Rs 1,270, reduced from Rs 1,934. Shop here.

Place mat from Virtue

Whatever the dining table, the Ustide Table Runner will look good on it. It’s one piece that will cover a table entirely with its oval design and floral work in the centre. It is available for Rs 2,053, reduced from Rs 3,466. Shop here.


For a vibrant burst of your colour in your room, pick the Kitchy Crochet Round Doily. It is emblazoned with shades of the rainbow in a large circular style that cannot be ignored. It is available for Rs 1,809, reduced from Rs 2,713. Shop here.

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