5 Ways To Give Your Home A Monsoon Makeover

5 Ways To Give Your Home A Monsoon Makeover

Easy ways to make your home monsoon ready

After months of sweltering heat, the monsoon season is indeed a welcome change. The rains make the surrounding greenery come alive, make everything vivid. One way to truly enjoy the constant showers is by sitting in the safe refuge of your home and observe the beauty all around. So why not transform your home into a beautiful space to best enjoy the season? If you have been making little changes in your fashion choices and eating habits to cope with the monsoon season, you also need to do the same for your home. Other than creating a happy mood, pay heed to little issues that can otherwise create trouble if not attended to. Here are five ways to make your home apt for monsoon:

1. Enjoy the rain-washed views

Don’t we all love the sight of the pitter-patter and the freshly bathed trees and plants? Add a breezy feel to your home space and enjoy the view outside by switching for sheer curtains. They work wonders to usher in natural light and brighten up the room.

2. An assigned dirt corner

Monsoon means muddy shoes, drenched umbrellas and soaking raincoats. Make sure you create a dirt corner next to your entrance with a doormat (jute, coir, rubber) and an umbrella stand. Accessorise this space in a way that it goes with the decor of your entrance or living room.

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3. Make your home bug free

As much as we like the rains, this season also brings with it termite infestation, flies and fungus. For natural home-made solutions, try scattering neem leaves, camphor balls and cloves around the house and under your mattresses as they can help reduce moisture. If it’s the intensive treatment you’d like to go in for, get a pest/termite control done in your home before it gets worse.

4. Make the most of your balcony

While you may have shut your balcony and terrace to protect your home from the hot summer sun, monsoon is the best time to open up the doors and enjoy the outdoors. Create a makeshift coffee/tea area here – keep a few chairs, a table and sprinkle plants to accentuate this outdoor lounge space.

5. Bring in the colourpop

Rains are lovely but it can make things a little dull. A great way to combat this and lift your mood is through decor, specifically by incorporating a lot of colours in your home. So, throw in a bunch of pop-coloured cushions against a neutral sofa, or go straight for a bright-coloured sofa or chairs. You could also incorporate coloured accents like table lamps, vases, paintings, wall art, etc. Avoid rugs and carpets as they tend to attract mould. If finances allow, you could even create an accent wall by painting a focus wall. This would liven up your room instantly.

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