5 Ways To Style Your Home With Indoor Plants

5 Ways To Style Your Home With Indoor Plants

Transform your home with a touch of green

With monsoon at its peak and the greenery around brimming with life, do you feel like your home could also do with a touch of green? Adding potted plants in your home can instantly create a lively mood by transforming the space in a refreshing way. Decorating with plants is one of the easiest ways to make your home more welcoming. You don’t need to have a huge space or a garden to enjoy a dose of nature. Even in a tiny apartment, you can add in elements of nature to make it a peaceful abode.

So if you are looking for ways to style your home with pretty plants, we list down five easy ways to do so, with inputs from Nikita Sethi, founder of Kalpane, and Gurpreet, founder of Elite Earth:

1. Stack them up

One of the best ways to transform a little area or a corner is by making use of vertical shelves. Try placing the plants in stands of varying heights to add a stylish edge to your room, such as a L-shaped shelf to save floor space and at the same time create a beautiful green corner.

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2. Reading nook

Plants bring good energy to the room, which is why you can use them to create a perfect corner for reading or lounging. Arrange a few plants in stacks at one corner of a room or go for a trendy vertical wall arrangement. Complete it with bookshelves and stylish reading lights, and you have your private space.

3. A refreshing welcome

Decorating the hallways with plants will not just bring life to your house but also be inviting for the guests. The entrance of your house should always feel pleasant and warming and having plants all over the entrance just makes the house look more vibrant.

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4. Give your kitchen a makeover

The kitchen area can be spruced up too by integrating plants into the décor, such as small pots can be placed at the window sills. One can try creating small vertical gardens for herbs and succulents. There’s nothing like cooking with fresh ingredients straight from your mini garden. Moreover, the welcoming décor will make the kitchen a place to be.

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